Welcome to Astor & Mallet, the ornamental woodwork company

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Now all your clients have access to the finest-quality hand-carved ornamentation they deserve.

Today we launched Astor & Mallet, an ecommerce venture that seeks to provide hand-carved ornamental woodwork to architects, designers, contractors, cabinet shops, furniture makers, carpenters, and homeowners. 

Astor & Mallet is a sister company of Agrell Architectural Carving, a premier woodcarving company with almost 40 years in the industry. With Astor & Mallet, you have the opportunity to bypass the custom process and acquire hand-carved ornamentation at an affordable cost.

Other companies may claim their products are hand-carved, but that's rarely the case. Typically, machines do the bulk of the work and then the piece is sometimes cleaned up by hand. It never looks right. We invite you to compare the quality of their products with ours.

We never use machines to carve our products, and never will. From start to finish, we use the same hand tools and techniques handed down through generations of artisans. Why? Because only hand-carving produces the crisp detail, elaborate undercutting, and organic flow that discerning clients expect.

All our products are made-to-order with an expected lead time of no more than 10 weeks. Because of this model, we can offer our products in virtually any size—a benefit unheard of with CNC-produced woodcarving. We can also expand our product line faster as we create more designs.

During our soft-launch period, we'll be offering an extensive collection of hand-carved mouldings. Then, in the coming weeks and months, we'll add appliqués, capitals, corbels, finials, panels, and furniture parts. You'll be able to browse our store and mix-and-match products to create works of art that exist as integral parts your or your client's luxury residence, office, yacht, or place of worship.

We look forward to working with you. It's going to be a lot of fun.

Read more on our FAQ page.

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