About Our Wood

We carve all our products in Gmelina arborea, which grows all over India. We season and prepare the timber ourselves to our exact specifications.

Gmelina is a high-quality stain-grade, furniture-grade hardwood that is sometimes called white teak or beechwood. Though technically unrelated to the species we know in the West as beech, it does share some of its characteristics. It has an even grain texture, so it carves beautifully and takes detail as well as any other high-quality carving wood we've used. Its neutral color is similar to that of birch or maple, varying slightly from creamy white to pinkish; however, it can be easily stained to match mahogany, cherry, walnut, or virtually any other species.

When properly seasoned, it is stable, strong, and fairly lightweight, making it ideal for furniture and even musical instrument construction. It is also moderately resistant to decay and bugs. Best of all, the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) rates its conservation status as of "Least Concern."